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Checkout sudoSocial.me a new stream editor

sudoSocial HomeStreamI’ve been working on a web application for hosting your profile page/homepage. You put RSS or Atom feed links in and it will pull together the content into a stream.

You can easily customize the CSS or JavaScript in the page. I also include Processing.js to help make the homepage hackable and easy to pimp out.

The name of the project is sudoSocial. It’s a play on two words:

  • sudo – Giving you control of your social identity
  • psuedo – a fake social networking site, counterfeit

Enough with the intro, check it out:

This is the very first release, so it’s buggy and incomplete. The ultimate goal is to build a stream editing and publishing tool.
sudoSocial Stream Editor

Let’s Do This

I’d love your help and feedback!
I’m ozten on Twitter and Identi.ca so message me there.

How can I play?

Designers – The Design Tab of the editor lets you change the CSS url. Copy the default style and start tweaking. Upload your designs to your personal website and then plug them in.
Artists – Their is a Process.js textarea. Paste your Processing code into the box.
JavaScript hackers – The Design Tab also lets you change the JS url.
Application hackers The code uses the standard Mozilla tri-license.
If you want to hack on the project without setting up the environment, I’ve created a VirtualBox Appliance which is up and running the code. Download via Torrent (1Gb) and run it inside of VirtualBox.

5 Responses to “Checkout sudoSocial.me a new stream editor”

tom - 23/05/10
when i saw the title, i (mis)read it as "suicidal.me"

just saying..
ozten - 23/05/10
I'm not married to the name. I've been working on the concepts with the name "patchouli", so sudoSocial.me seemed like an improvement :)
Mozilla supporta sudoSocial: lifestream personalizzati | Giovanni Raco - 04/06/10
[...] coi CSS ed รจ possibile includere file JavaScript da altri domini. sudoSocial dispone di un semplice stream editor dal quale si possono aggiungere oppure eliminare i feed in formato Atom e/o RSS da cui prendere le [...]
tks - 05/06/10
This is just FriendFeed without the comments...or Tumblr gathering all your feeds into one place without the 'likes'.

What good is this?
ozten - 05/06/10
@tks - Have you seen my post on this topic? http://ozten.com/psto/2010/05/23/4-apps-that-are-similar-to-sudosocial/

sudoSocial is a very early release. It has different design goals than FF or Tumblr. There are no goals around creating content in sudoSocial, it's about editing and publishing streams of content, but not creating individual new pieces of content. Existing web apps exist for creating individual entries.