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4 More Years

Oct 6th marked my 4th year with Mozilla!

I, like Obama, have gained much experience and grey hair in these last thousand+ days. It is still an honor to be an employee and I’m really excited about the work our Identity team is doing.

I was reflecting back and I can remember 20+ projects I’ve help with over these years. I’ve very proud of most of these projects, except for the ones that still plague my nightmares.

When I started there were 150 people and I’d visit building K during onsites.

Some things have changed; I would never have imagined we’d be building a phone! Our respect for web properties, web services, and mobile devices has completely shifted.

I’m still really passionate about Mozilla’s mission and consider myself lucky that Bret and morgamic took me from community lurker to active participant.

Onward! and 4 More Years, for Obama and maybe me too ;)

2 Responses to “4 More Years”

morgamic - 10/10/12
Austin - you've been a pleasure to work with and you've built some amazing things! Looking forward to the next 4. Keep rocking!
Christie Koehler - 10/10/12
Happy Mozilla-versary, Austin!