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iwantmyname and github pages sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G

If you need to throw up a static website with lightening speed… Here is one method.

I forget these steps, and if you do them wrong… it’s a PITA to fix, but if you do them right, you have a working domain in a couple minutes.

So here is the recipe:

  1. Register a domain with iwantmyname.com
  2. Create a github repo
  3. In Settings click Automatic Page generator
  4. Clone the repo and git checkout gh-pages
  5. Add a file CNAME which contains the domain name you’ve registered
  6. Commit and git push origin gh-pages
  7. In the iwantmyname.com dashboard, find your new domain
  8. Click Install Application and find Github
  9. In the textbox, enter {username}.github.com and submit
  10. In a browser go to https://{username}.github.com/{repository-name}
  11. If it’s a 404, hit refresh after a minute or two
  12. Eventually, you will see the project page github automatically generated
  13. Try your custom domain
  14. I usually screw up step #9 by putting the project name in that input field. Don’t do that… Put your user name there.

    Iwantmyname.com will setup your DNS and give you a proper A record to github.com.

    The CNAME file allows github to do proper virtualhost resolution and serve up your site.

    DNS can take a few minutes… and then you should be in business.

    You can delete all the HTML, CSS, etc in the gh-pages branch and build your static app. After you commit and push to the gh-pages, your website will be updated in a few minutes.

    This is great for prototypes and static websites that don’t change often, usually promoting some code you’ve written and host on github.

    Have fun!